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The staff at Zeteo Missions are working every day to care for abused and neglected children. 


Zeteo Missions was founded by American missionaries Esther and Kathleen Berg in 2009.  Zeteo Missions is  located in Pangasinan, Philippines where they operate a residential care home for children.


After 10 years of laying the groundwork, Zeteo Missions opened their doors to admit residential children in 2018.  Zeteo Missions  currently has 10 children under age 6 (the maximum permitted with their current certification), providing a safe home with caring staff, medical support, and educational opportunity.


These children have been through various degrees of physical, mental, and sexual abuse.  Zeteo Missions is focused on rescuing their childhood and healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual damage that has been inflicted upon them. 


In short, Zeteo Missions loves them like Christ would.



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Here is a great article by Kate Berg, director of ZMF


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