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Our first grant!

We've been informed of an urgent need from Zeteo Missions - Philippines. Transportation! Imagine having nine kids on site and no car for a grocery run or medical emergency! That could happen soon if we don't act. Thankfully, a partnering ministry has earmarked $6,000 towards a vehicle. Our goal is to supply the remainder.

Zeteo Missions has found a certified-used Toyota Avanza 8-person Multi-Purpose Vehicle that is perfect for their needs. A certified-used vehicle in the Philippines is quite rare, as most vehicles there take a beating. Zeteo Missions does not have a mechanically minded person on staff, so they need a solid, dependable vehicle that can move kids, and this is it.

We need $5,760 to cover the remaining costs for this vehicle. Please help us meet their need and donate generously!

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