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ZM is under lock-down and we need your help

On March 15 at midnight, Manila will be forced into quarantine by the government to slow the exponential spread of COVID-19. Zeteo Missions will also be under lock-down. As you can imagine, store shelves are emptying already, and mission staff are urgently scrambling to collect all the supplies and medicine required to care for the 10 children for the next month or more.

That's right, 10 children, with 4 babies under 3 months! ZM is now operating at full capacity. Karis and Lucy are the two latest precious additions, but each came with difficult complications. Their stories are heartbreaking, and we will share them when we have time, but the good news is that they are now in loving arms.

We are very grateful for those who donated to the vehicle grant. We are happy to say we have sent the first payment installment to ZM for the vehicle! But we will be putting the vehicle on hold to address the urgent need to build a COVID-19 Quarantine Emergency Supply Kit to sustain these 10 children for the next 1-2 months.

We are trying to fund this grant project ASAP, and I thank two donors who answered the call in the first 24 hours. You are amazing!

For more information, click here:

Please consider donating today!

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